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Zombie Virus: Can you save Cambridge?

All day from Friday 26 March until Sunday 4 April

Times shown are in GMT (UTC +0) up to the 27th March. For events on or after 28th March times are in BST (UTC +1).

A mysterious virus is spreading through Cambridge and turning everyone into zombies. Can you help identify the origin of the virus and how its transmitting? It must be contained before the entire city is overrun with zombies!

The lead scientist was so close to cracking the case but caught the virus and turned into a zombie before she could figure it out! It is now down to you to connect the dots and save Cambridge from zombies. 

You have 1 hour to complete 3 tasks in order to figure out the origin of the virus and how it is transmitting so quickly across the city. Will you solve the mystery in time, or will the zombies win?

Please register for this event, but you will be sent the game to play at your own leisure.

Booking email address:

Booking/Registration is: REQUIRED

Additional Information

Age: Children under 12, Young Adults 12 – 18
Timing: Available on Demand
Cost: Free
Event Capacity: Unlimited
Theme: Explore

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