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Writing the next chapter

11:30am-1:00pm on Saturday 27 March

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Educators, creatives and story tellers Claire Culliford, Cindy Forde and Marion Leeper explore the imperative for education as if people and planet matter if we are to write a positive next chapter for our world.

The world we enable our children to understand, imagine and develop the skills to build today, is the one they are most likely to create.  For the first time in Earth’s history, human beings are affecting the controls of the biosphere, the system that sustains all life on Earth. This is jeopardising environmental, social and economic stability. We can’t solve these problems with the same thinking that created them. Yet, no integrated education systems exists to teach children differently.

This talk assesses the limitations our existing education model, little changed since the industrial revolution. It invites us to explore how we might design education fit for the future. System change begins with how we teach our children to think. Instead of fear and anxiety, what if we changed the story for our young people and enabled them to see this as one of the most exciting times to be alive? How can we enable children to understand Earth as an interdependent system and be the innovators and entrepreneurs who see our biggest global challenges as drivers for transformation?

"The content of our event at the Cambridge Festival is borne of a growing global need and desire. The time is right for a new type of education, with caretaking of Planet Earth and creative problem-solving at its core. This is the means by which we can best encourage, empower and excite the next generation, enabling them to transform our world for the better."


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Claire is an author, screenwriter, poet and lyricist who adores writing about the themes that matter to us all, from love and compassion to the natural world and social responsibility. Combining experiences gained during careers in technology, teaching and translation, she works internationally to promote innovation and holistic learning across education, science, and the creative industries.
Her environmental and social book series "The Little Helpers", is written to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Raising awareness among young children of global environmental and social issues, it inspires them to find creative ways of resolving these. The books have been translated into many languages and are used by educational institutions and organisations across the globe.

Cindy’s work is dedicated to transforming how we act towards Earth, the living system that sustains us. She is founder of Planetari, the first globally scalable education platform aligned to the UNSDGs. She pioneered sustainability investing with Aviva group. As MD of Blue Marine Foundation, she helped form the Great British Oceans Coalition persuading UK government to create the world’s largest marine protected areas. As CEO of Cambridge Science Centre she created programmes to develop children’s competence in STEM subjects to underpin national development. Planetari extends this globally to equip children to be the innovators and entrepreneurs of a brighter world.

Marion Leeper has been listening to and telling stories (true and less true) for longer than she can remember. She’s to be seen in libraries, museums, and outside spaces in and around Cambridge, as well as festivals and clubs around the country. She has toured her children’s show, Stories in the Dark, to festivals including Beyond the Border and Festival at the Edge and has written extensively on storytelling in early years education. A recent project for climate education charity, Little Hands Design, has spurred her to develop a repertoire of stories linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Age: All Ages
Timing: Live Stream
Event Capacity: 100
Theme: Environment

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