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Roads to Sustain

11:00am-4:00pm on Saturday 23 March

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Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, CB2 1PZ

In "Roads to Sustain", you'll embark on an exciting journey as road planners, where you'll learn to balance the art of road design with a keen focus on sustainability.
"Roads to Sustain" stands out as an engaging and thought-provoking journey, offering participants an opportunity to delve into the complexities of road planning and sustainability in a way that is both entertaining and educational. Your kids are invited to embark on an unforgettable gaming experience that not only promises fun but also fosters a mindset of sustainable thinking.

In this innovative video game, participants will step into the shoes of road planners, tasked with the challenge of balancing the intricacies of road design with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Through a series of specially designed Minecraft games centered around the Strategic Road Network, including A428 Creative, A428 Biodiversity, A303 Stonehenge - Through the Ages, A303 Creative, A303 Biodiversity, A27 Creative, A27 Biodiversity, and Lower Thames Crossing Speed Safety, players will navigate the delicate balance between progress and environmental responsibility.

Each game presents a unique scenario, encouraging players to consider the impact of their decisions on historical sites, biodiversity, and the integration of creativity into existing road networks. By navigating through these challenges, participants will not only hone their strategic thinking skills but also develop a heightened awareness of the importance of sustainable practices in engineering.

Following the gaming session, players will engage in a quick quiz to test their newfound knowledge. The experience extends beyond the screen as participants share their game experiences and lessons learned in small group discussions. To commemorate this enriching event, each participant will be gifted a special souvenir, serving as a tangible reminder of their exploration into sustainable engineering.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to combine the excitement of Minecraft with valuable insights into road design and environmental stewardship. "Roads to Sustain" promises not just a gaming adventure, but a transformative experience that instils a sense of responsibility and awareness in young minds, shaping them into future leaders who prioritize sustainability in their decision-making. Join us for a gaming event like no other – where fun meets learning, and virtual roads lead to a sustainable future!

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Additional Information

Age: Adults, Young Adults 12 – 18
Format: Other, Family Weekend
Timing: In person
Theme: Environment, Discovery, Society
Accessibility: Full access
Image copyright: Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

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