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Queer Conceptions: Families in the 21st Century

7:30pm-9:00pm on Tuesday 30 March

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Our understanding of what ‘family’ means in the 21st century is more diverse and inclusive than ever. From trans pregnancy to same-sex adoption, parenthood has become accessible - in certain parts of the world - to members of LGBTQI+ communities. This panel draws together specialists in gay surrogacy, trans parenting, reproductive biology and documentary cinema to discuss the political and social realities of queer parenthoods. As part of the cross-disciplinary Queer Conceptions research network, funded by the Cambridge Reproduction SRI, the discussion will offer an insight into the research on queer reproduction and parenting currently being carried out across the University of Cambridge. Through a focus on the notion of ‘queer’ conception, the panel will draw scientific and cultural approaches to reproduction into dialogue with the diverse range of legal and societal challenges facing queer families. In doing so, we ask how critical perspectives on conception from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and lived experiences may provide the answers – and, in some cases, the questions – that have yet to be found.

This event follows a screening of the film Seahorse (2019, dir. Jeanie Finlay), which charts one trans man’s pioneering quest to fulfil an age-old desire: to start his own family. Seahorse is being streamed on Friday 26 March, also as part of the Cambridge Festival programme.

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Age: Adults
Timing: Available on Demand, Live Stream
Cost: Free
Event Capacity: 500
Theme: Society, Health

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