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Opera Aperta

7:30pm-8:30pm on Wednesday 31 March

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Opera Aperta,, a collaborative performing group formed by Anglia Ruskin University staff, students and alumni, explores the relation between texts and approaches to music, sound and image. Each piece developed by the group examines text as a basis of a generative compositional process in an experimental manner.  


Opera Aperta has a dual meaning: it translates as ‘open work’, alluding to the famous book of that title by Umberto Eco; this is pertinent in relation to the kinds of scores, work formations, collaboration and libretti that they put together. The other meaning is a sense of this openness in relation to opera as a genre. This is almost like going back to certain basics for opera: a kind of intermedia relationship between text, image, voice and sound, and an interest in classical as well as modern and contemporary texts. An almost elemental approach to materials often characterises the works. 


David Ryan ( with members of Opera Aperta, present experience extracts from recent works-in-progress including Aphorisms 2 – The Modern Monologue (texts by numerous authors) New - Gertrude Stein Piece (2019/2020) Three Catullus Fragments (2019/2020) and Here and Now (Text by Leonardo Sciascia). All of these pieces were initiated and produced during lockdown.


Flexibility is a key to the work of Opera Aperta. Most of the pieces are conceived as palettes of materials that can be activated by the demands of a space or format. The group assemble a kind of bespoke version for each space and it can be immersive or intimate as the situation dictates, and in this set of works they respond to the challenge of distance performing. 


During the event you will be invited to ask questions around the pieces presented as well as the general approach of the group.


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Additional Information

Age: All Ages
Timing: Live Stream
Cost: Free
Event Capacity: 250
Theme: Explore

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