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Mind Over Chatter: The Cambridge University podcast

All day from Friday 26 March until Sunday 4 April

Times shown are in GMT (UTC +0) up to the 27th March. For events on or after 28th March times are in BST (UTC +1).

We break down complex issues into simple questions. Join Nick, James and Naomi as they ask seemingly simple questions. Throughout Series 1, we explored climate change. Climate change is likely to affect almost every area of our lives… like a toddler with sticky fingers! But how did it become this way? What are we doing about it now? And what would be different if CO2 was a brown sticky substance? 


Now in Series 2, we’ll be exploring ideas about the future – covering everything from the future of AI to what did the future look like in the past? New episodes will be released during the Festival. Subscribe to be the first to hear!


The podcast is hosted and produced by 


Nick Saffell, Communications Officer, Office of External Affairs and Communications, University of Cambridge

From Devon via Orlando with a brief stop in Vanuatu, Nick landed in the Cambridge University communications team in 2009. He spends hours out on the road running and listening to podcasts. So he thought why not make one, even if it meant listening to his own voice.


James Dolan, Research Fellow, King’s College, University of Cambridge 

An engineer masquerading as a physicist, James is the University's first research fellow in science communication. Alongside his research on nanophotonics and soft matter physics ("making optical materials make themselves"), James studies how scientists and policy makers' perceptioins of science - what it is, how it works, and what it's for - affect how and why they communicate with one another.


Naomi Clements-Brod, Public Engagement and Festival Manager (Science), University of Cambridge

An avid podcast listener and enthusiastic fan of audio storytelling, Naomi got involved with Mind Over Chatter after writing a whole dissertation (!) about podcasts as part of her MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London. Her main day job is programming and planning the Cambridge Festival. 


Annie Thwaite and Charlotte Zemmel provide crucial research and production support for Series 2. 


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Age: Young Adults 12 – 18, Adults
Timing: Available on Demand
Cost: free
Event Capacity: unlimited
Theme: Explore, Environment
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