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Learnings from a pandemic: Accelerating the research and development of new medicines

7:00pm-8:00pm on Tuesday 30 March

Times shown are in GMT (UTC +0) up to the 27th March. For events on or after 28th March times are in BST (UTC +1).

Post COVID-19, how can we continue to keep up the pace of innovation we have seen in the digital health sphere, specifically in improving the patient experience and outcomes in trials and beyond? What are the opportunities? What are the challenges? How can we work together to maintain and build on the momentum? 

This interdisciplinary panel discussion will be chaired by Gareth Mitchell, presenter for the BBC's Digital Planet. Panellists include Cristina Duran (Chief Digital Health Officer, R&D, AstraZeneca), Hugh Montgomery (Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, University College London), Michelle Longmire (Co-founder and CEO of Medable, Inc), and Nick Hartshorne-Evans (CEO of Pumping Marvellous)

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This event will premiere on the University's YouTube channel.

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Additional Information

Age: Adults
Timing: Available on Demand, Live Stream
Theme: Health, Explore
Accessibility: Closed Captions

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