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The Great British Liverwort Hunt!

3:00pm-4:00pm on Sunday 28 March
7:00pm-8:00pm on Tuesday 30 March

Times shown are in GMT (UTC +0) up to the 27th March. For events on or after 28th March times are in BST (UTC +1).

Join the launch of SLCU’s Great Liverwort Hunt– a citizen-science project exploring genetic diversity in plants across Britain. You will help build a clearer picture of the genetics of a special plant that is advancing our understanding of evolution. Two common species of liverwort, Marchantia polymorpha and Lunularia cruciata grow across the British Isles, are barely the size of a fingernail and often appear in pavement cracks. They are a living link to the transition of plants from ocean to land and through them, our scientists are trying to understand the evolution of genes that give plants disease protection.

When you register, we will send you a kit with instructions on how to collect samples of liverworts safely and legally. By sending us your samples and joining future interactive sessions, you will explore topics like genetic diversity, plant microbe interaction, ecology and conservation, all while practising key scientific skills of observation, sampling, data gathering, hypothesis formation and experiment design. Data generated will inform several SLCU research projects. Want more? The CU Herbarium is running an online volunteer project to digitise its collections, including an incredible set of liverworts!

The launch will introduce the Great Liverwort Hunt, answer questions and discuss ideas you want to explore. Future sessions will include behind the scenes tours, sessions on scientific techniques and discussions with people who work in plant science. You can join any time and participate in as many or few interactive sessions as you like.

*For biosafety, we will only send sample kits within the UK, but those abroad can join in online sessions and go on their own liverwort spotting walks!

Further info and how to register: Twitter: @slcuplants #liverworthunt

Keywords: environment, diversity, genetic diversity, citizen science, interactive, research, collecting, botany, plants, hands-on

Booking/Registration is: RECOMMENDED

Further information:

We now have enough participants for the liverwort gathering activity. People can still engage with additional online activities we will provide, but we are no longer accepting registrations to receive plant gathering kits.

Additional Information

Age: All Ages
Timing: Live Stream, Available on Demand
Cost: Free
Theme: Explore, Environment
Accessibility: Transcript
Image copyright: David Hoey

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