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10:00am-4:00pm on Saturday 2 April

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Outdoors Marquee, New Museums site, Under the Pembroke archway Next to Shell Building Pembroke St , CB2 3QH

Which foods brings back fond memories from your past? Is there a weeknight meal that fuels your week? What kind of diet would you wish for the next generation?
This stall, run by the MRC Epidemiology Unit, will invite participants to address some important overarching questions that are relevant to one of the unit’s major research goals: transforming the UK’s food systems to be healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable. This goal is currently being explored through the Mandala Consortium, a five-year research project which aims to transform the urban food system and its relationship with the regional economy in the West Midlands. This involves mapping the local food system and determining the most powerful levers for system change. These are likely to include new ways of procuring healthier and more sustainable foods in the public sector, and developing online systems to help businesses find and use more locally grown food. Latterly, the Mandala Consortium will involve evaluating interventions to demonstrate how food can be made healthier, more affordable, less harmful to the environment, but still profitable. Urban food systems transformation requires thoughtful, interdisciplinary thinking across a multitude of subject areas such as nutrition, economics, and policy, and this installation will contribute to knowledge concerning the cultural value of foods through participants’ lifetimes.
Participants will be invited to take a seat at the dinner table and reflect on the questions posed. The table will hold three courses; starters, mains, and dessert. For starters, participants will be asked to contribute fond memories of food from their past, to explore what food has played a culturally significant role in their lives. For mains, participants will contribute a description of their archetypal weekday meal, so we can explore what a kind of food is typically consumed by residents in Cambridge today. For dessert, participants will be asked to envisage the type of diet they hope the next generation will be able to access, so we can explore what aspirations the community has for a new food system.
Participants will contribute written responses to each question, which will be pinned to the installation. They will also be invited to take part in short interviews to discuss their responses. The audio from these interviews will be used to create an audio-visual piece that will be shared with the research group within the MRC Epidemiology Unit.

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Additional Information

Age: All Ages
Format: Workshop, Exhibition
Timing: In person
Cost: free
Theme: Society, Health
Accessibility: Full access

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