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The Cambridge Philosothon

10:30am-3:00pm on Friday 15 March

Times shown are in GMT (UTC +0) up to the 26th March. For events on or after 27th March times are in BST (UTC +1).

Faculty of Divinity, Sidgwick Site, West Road, CB3 9BS

Enter your school into this Cambridge Festival Philosothon Special!

Philosothons promote philosophical enquiry and rigour by bringing students together around stimulus material that allows the group to move beyond discussion towards critical inquiry. The idea is not to ‘attack’ or ‘defeat’ another person’s position, but to enable the group to move towards an awareness of the underlying concepts within each debate, and to develop a critical understanding of different positions and arguments. Students are encouraged to ask questions of others in the group in order to probe deeper and try to understand and clarify both their own viewpoints and arguments and those expressed within the group.

Places are limited and prior-registration is required.

Booking email address:

Booking/Registration is: REQUIRED

Additional Information

Age: Young Adults 12 – 18
Format: Workshop
Timing: In person
Cost: Free
Event Capacity: Prior-registration required
Theme: Discovery
Accessibility: Full access
Image copyright: Faculty of Divinity

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