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Bubble Superstars Show

1:30pm-2:00pm on Sunday 24 March

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University of Cambridge New Museums Site , New Museums site Bene't Street, CB2 3PT

In the Bubble Superstars Show, we'll be exploring bubbles of different sizes and investigating their shapes and colours too. The show is specially designed for very young children and children with special needs, so everyone can join in making shapes in the air and learning some Makaton signing. We end by making bubbles for everyone to pop.

Dr Sarah Bearchell is a freelance science writer and presenter based in Oxfordshire. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to join in with science, so creates activities which are multi-sensory and participatory. Sarah is a regular contributor to the wonderful children’s magazines Whizz Pop Bang and Aquila, but also writes for charities, science centres and one day (maybe, one day) she’ll write a book.

Booking/Registration is: REQUIRED

Additional Information

Age: Children under 12
Format: Family Weekend, Workshop, Performance, Talk
Timing: In person
Cost: Free
Event Capacity: 150
Theme: Discovery
Accessibility: Partial access - please contact us for details

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