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Big data, big brother and the big, blue ocean

12:00am-11:59pm on Wednesday 31 March

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The problem of overfishing can seem overwhelming, but several countries are making ambitious commitments to ocean conservation. Advances in satellite technology mean that tracking down the rule-breakers is becoming possible - even when they're thousands of miles from land.


Head over to the Earth Optimism website to watch this talk: 


Do you have questions for the speaker, Mark Spalding? Make sure to come along to the live Q&A between him and Gautam Shah, which will be chaired by Veronica Pickering at 8pm on Wednesday 31 March!


This is part of the Innovating for Conservation speaker series - one of the sessions in Earth Optimism's Stories of Hope programme. Why not search for 'Earth Optimism' to find out what else is on?

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Age: All Ages
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Theme: Environment, Explore

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