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Ask the experts: Body image and growing up today

5:00pm on Friday 26 March

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We asked young people from Cambridge and beyond what they would most like to know about growing up, how our bodies change, and how we can learn to be confident in our skin. If you could ask an expert anything anonymously, get any worries or concerns out there, and there was no such thing as a silly question, what would you ask? We've got some great questions and this video gives you the answers.

Psychologist Charlotte Markey tackles everything you ever wanted to know about growing-up, but might have been shy of asking. You are not alone.

You can now watch this event on YouTube:

Additional Information

Age: Young Adults 12 – 18, Children under 12, All Ages
Timing: Live Stream, Available on Demand
Cost: Free
Theme: Health, Society
Accessibility: Transcript, Closed Captions
Image copyright: Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

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