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4:00pm-6:30pm on Friday 8 April

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The study day, including a series of thematic conversations across care ethics and arts, considers how we can look at the world from a new, acquired perspective. The event aims to collect, share and learn from best practices from the perspectives of creative research and care ethics, in physical and digital realms

The event is part of a growing international network aiming at collecting, sharing, and learning from best practices from the perspectives of creative research and care ethics, in physical and digital realms. More specifically these will be discussed in terms of impact in society through social responsibility, mutual support, and cooperation, as applied to the care for the environment, society, heritage and art. The exchange will aim at consolidating the new post-disciplinary context for Care Ethics and Creative Research.

The event is led by Dr. Elena Cologni, Artist and Senior Research Fellow, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, Associate Member of the Royal Society for Public Heath (Art and Health Interdisciplinary Group), Dr. Merel Visse, Director Medical and Health Humanities at Drew University (US) and Associate Professor at the University for Humanistic Studies in The Netherlands, and HR Mag Eveline Wandl-Vogt, exploration space at Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), and Director of Ars Electronica Research Institute Knowledge for Humanity, Austria.

Booking/Registration is: REQUIRED

Additional Information

Age: Adults
Format: Talk
Timing: Live Stream
Cost: free
Event Capacity: 150
Theme: Environment, Society, Health
Accessibility: Partial access - please contact us for details
Image copyright: Elena Cologni

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