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Amazing animals

3:00pm-4:00pm on Saturday 23 March

Times shown are in GMT (UTC +0) up to the 26th March. For events on or after 27th March times are in BST (UTC +1).

Babbage Lecture Theatre, (Through the Pembroke Archway), New Museums Site Downing Street, CB2 3RS

Throughout the animal kingdom, creatures great and small have developed amazing abilities. In this interactive show, Braintastic! Science ( will challenge you to complete tasks that have been used in real life to test the intelligence of a range of animals. You’ll need to use your creativity to solve tricky logic puzzles that are usually completed by chimps, parrots and even dolphins. By exploring the range of abilities held by our nearest cousins, and those much farther from us on the evolutionary tree, we will throw light on the difficulties of defining intelligence, and the importance of fair tests. The audience will leave with a new-found respect for the wonder of life on Earth, and an understanding of the amazing abilities of our animal cousins.

Booking/Registration is: REQUIRED

Additional Information

Age: All Ages
Format: Workshop, Family Weekend, Talk
Timing: In person
Cost: Free
Event Capacity: 450
Theme: Society, Discovery, Environment
Accessibility: Partial access - please contact us for details

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