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Activating new wildlife enthusiasts via games

12:00am-11:59pm on Wednesday 31 March

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Computer games are often blamed for taking people away from nature, but can their power be harnessed for conservation? Games data analyst and passionate conservationist Raff Mares thinks they can.


Head over to the Earth Optimism website to watch this talk: 


Do you have questions about this topic? Make sure to come along to the live Q&A between Raff's colleague Gautam Shah (the founder of Internet of Elephants) and Mark Spalding (from 'Big data, big brother and the big, blue ocean'), which will be chaired by Veronica Pickering at 8pm on Wednesday 31 March!


This is part of the Innovating for Conservation speaker series - one of the sessions in Earth Optimism's Stories of Hope programme. Why not search for 'Earth Optimism' to find out what else is on?

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Age: All Ages
Timing: Available on Demand
Theme: Explore, Environment

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